Some of the brands and the containers we pack in.

Wolf Pack Canning Factory is surrounded by the
Cascade Mountains near the beautiful Skykomish
River and right next door to the Wallace Falls State
Park in Gold Bar, Washington.


​Services offered by Wolf Pack include,
but are not limited to:

• Enlarging special recipes
• Cooking to client's specifications
• Labeling with client's brand names
• So if you have that one-of-kind secret recipe
   that everyone is wanting to know...
•​ Bottle It, Can It, or Bag It!

G. Wolf Enterprises, Inc.
14811 Moonlight DR
Gold Bar, WA 98251
(360)-793-2988 office

(360)-793-6842 fax

Wolf Pack packages many different 
varieties of food and spices. We are 
inspected by the FDA as well as the 
Wash. St. Dept. of Agriculture for 
food safety (WSDA Food Processors 
License # 53.)

Some of the brands we co-pack.​

Wolf Pack has a reputation for accommodating
their client's needs for producing and
packaging many different products.

It is a family owned business
that caters to their clients needs
for producing and packaging
quality products.

We work with small and large companies
with production needs of hundreds to thousands of
containers. We also process the sports fisherman's catch.